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Foot Healing Bundle

Foot Healing Bundle - Plantar Fasciitis Relief - Foot Roller, Massage Ball and Compression Sleeves

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Foot Healing Bundle by HealPT

This is the ultimate foot healing bundle, made up of 3 items that are specifically designed to help relieve foot soreness, Plantar Fasciitis and heal spurs. 

  • Foot Roller
  • Porcupine Ball
  • Foot Compression Sleeves (1 Pair) 

HealPT Foot Roller and Porcupine Ball

Lightweight and portable tools that help stretch, massage and relax your muscles while allowing blood to flow throughout your feet. They are perfect for athletes, runners, walkers or anyone with sore feet. Use the foot roller and foot ball after a run, in the morning to stretch your feet out or use them under your desk while you work. Roll to find painful trigger points and isolate rolling in these areas to destroy troublesome knots. 

HealPT Foot Compression Sleeves 

Our Foot Compression Sleeves are lightweight sleeves made from Nylon and Spandex which helps create a tight fit for stability and quicker healing due to increased blood flow. The foot sleeves have a slim fit and are very breathable. They can be worn by themselves, under regular socks and in almost any situation. Use them after a run, while sleeping or all day for lasting results! 

HealPT Compression Sleeve Sizing Chart (based on US Shoe sizes): 

  • Men's Small : 3 - 5.5
  • Men's Medium : 6 - 9.5
  • Men's Large : 10 - 13 


  • Women's Small : 4 - 6.5
  • Women's Medium : 7 - 10.5
  • Women's Large : 11 - 14 


This Bundle comes with an instructional brochure and informative product guide! Inside you'll find instructions for using all 3 items, information on Plantar Fasciitis and other useful information.


Legal Disclaimer

Please consult a physician before using this product if you suspect an injury. Actual contents may differ slightly from pictures. Color may differ from pictures. This product is not intended to cure any injury or disease.

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